When you visit One Good Woman, a specialty gift shop in Camp Hill, the first thing you notice is the smell. The rich, sumptuous scent of fresh-ground coffee wafts out onto Market Street, irresistible to any passerby with a caffeine addiction and a nose.

Inside, the shop provides treats for the other four senses, too. You can look at beautiful cards, feel soft towels, sample tasty dip mixes and listen to the comforting sound of customers talking with the friendly staff.

You will also see quite a few products supplied by Accuwrite Print + Promo. We’re so proud of how we’ve helped One Good Woman grow its brand over the years.

A Bit of History

Original owner Holly O’Connor started One Good Woman selling her freshly roasted coffee out of her Jeep to a handful of commercial and residential clients across Central PA. Eventually, she opened a brick and mortar store and expanded her offerings to include loose-leaf teas, gourmet food, gifts and more.

Michele Koch and Mechelle Webster bought the business when Holly retired in 2015.

One Good Woman’s Goal

The shop is known as the place to go when you want a special gift — something different from what you’d find at a chain store.

We’ve worked with Holly, Michele and Mechelle, and throughout both sets of owners, their goal has remained the same: Achieve a unique vibe by capturing One Good Woman’s distinctive brand and complementing the products already offered in the story.

How We Helped One Good Woman Achieve Its Goal

There have been two keys to our work for One Good Woman:

  1. Integrate new products periodically to keep things fresh
  2. Spread the good word about their business and offerings

We do this by curating and then customizing items that reflect the classic One Good Woman brand, such as:

  • Ceramic Coffee Mugs (Diner Mug and Latte Mug)
  • Stemless Wine Glasses
  • Travel Mug for on-the-go consumption
  • T-Shirts, Hats and Hoodies

The One Good Man brand has become a sought-after novelty for gifts as well, so we incorporated both the One Good Woman and One Good Man brands into many of these items. The line has even expanded to include the adorable One Good Kid shirts.

We keep on top of retail trends, suggesting new items as shoppers’ desires change from one season to the next. We make sure each item showcases the One Good Woman identity — we avoid anything generic or everyday. Each piece for One Good Woman conveys a feeling of warmth and strength.

When you glance at the products we provide for One Good Woman, the shop’s personality shines through. We love being a part of their story.


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