So you’ve been tasked with organizing and scheduling your company’s tradeshow initiatives this year. This thought either A. makes you jump with extroverted joy or B. sends you into sheer panic mode. Opportunities to make new connections and promote your organization abound in this space.

What’s the best way to organize your tasks to make the day run smoothly? And how in the world can you differentiate your company’s presence over your competitor in Aisle C?

We’re here to support you as you channel that energy and help come up with a foolproof way to enjoy your tradeshow experience: Something memorable for you working the floor, and memorable for the guests or potential clients who visit your booth. Here are five ways to ensure your company stands out at the tradeshow.


1. Display Your Brand

First impressions matter. Our first opinion of someone forms in only one-tenth of a second.

Is your brand visible? Can a passerby capture the essence of WHO you are and WHAT you do at a glance?

Many trade show spaces provide room for a 6- to 8-foot table. Take advantage of this space by showing off your brand with a table throw! Add some dimension to your booth with a retractable banner stand. Both products are easily transportable and set up in seconds. Easy peasy.


2. Look Your Best

Devon & Jones Ladies' Crown Woven Collection Solid Broadcloth ShirtFreshly pressed shirt? Check. Comfortable Shoes? Check. Deodorant? Check.

When you look good, you feel good. We want you to exude confidence and positive energy while commanding the floor at your event.

Button up with the Devon & Jones Solid Broadcloth. It’s a true non-iron piece that you can pull straight from the dryer. It even has a stain-release finish! Here’s a bonus — it comes in both Men’s & Ladies Styles.

Chances are, you’ll meet a lot of people the day of the show, so you’ll want to be sure your name is easily identifiable with a Lanyard & Plastic Badge Combo.


3. Engage Attendees

12-Slot Blacktop Prize Wheel GameEnticing people to your booth is the hardest part of a tradeshow. Incorporating activities is a surefire way to capture a passerby’s attention and get them engaged in conversation and with your brand. Here are two ways you can do it:

  • Raffle off a product, or better yet offer a complimentary service or discount: The easiest way to collect information is to have a designated spot for a fishbowl where people can drop their business card for a later drawing. (Be sure to bring extra notecards in case someone doesn’t have a business card.)
  • Spin the prize wheel: As you learn more about the visitors coming to your booth and engage in valuable conversation, ask the guest to spin the prize wheel. Give away a prize on the spot, which brings us to our favorite tip …

    4. Provide a Memorable Giveaway

1-Oz.-Gel-Go-Hand-Sanitizer.pngVisitors to your booth should walk away with something branded in their hand. You’ll want to provide an array of products ranging in price as a segmented way to hand out to your cold, warm and qualified leads, such as:

  • Hand Sanitizer: Everyone needs hand sanitizer, and this is especially good to give away during cold and flu season.
  • Drinkware: This double wall vacuum stainless steel tumbler has copper lining, which means your ice cubes won’t melt for 24 hours. Perfect for hot or cold beverages and easily transportable.
  • Eco-friendly products: You can’t lose with an eco-friendly giveaway. Green products capture people’s attention and gain their appreciation. They position your company as one that cares, and as a bonus, a notebook has a practical purpose. Everyone needs one at a tradeshow.
  • Food: It doesn’t matter if it involves mints, chocolate, cookies or candy. No one turns down a snack!


5. Follow Up

After the show, go home and prop your feet up. Trust us. Re-hydrate, fill your belly and get down with an Excel spreadsheet.

Remember the fishbowl we suggested earlier? Type all of those names tossed in the bowl into your database and contact them with an email, a postcard, a carrier pigeon — whatever style fits you best.

Remember all these tips, and you are ready to hit the tradeshow. Remember to contact Accuwrite in advance so we can help you get all these fun products for your big day!